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Once I am dressed in the items you pull out my D size boobs and glue them on. Then you put a very thin white top on me. You grab a backpack and say,..."let's go."Out the door we go to the car. Once there you reach into your backpack and pull out a blindfold. "Put this on!" You start driving for what seems like about an hour before we stop. I hear you get out, then I hear my door open. You reach in and help me out to my feet. You lead me down a sidewalk and down some stairs. I hear a door. After a hard period of studying and setting some very important exams I wanted to experience all the luxuries that life had to offer me an evening alone in the house. Nice smellies, nice wine, nice music, nice lingerie, etc. Well, I had to do with what I had around the house but the bath was very relaxing and the white wine very cool. After having dried myself, I did something that I still do when I'm feeling in the mood for it. I ran the chilled bottle of wine just out of the fridge. I knew what was coming. I knew she was going to ask for money or something.?Hey?can you give me a ride to my apartment? I’m just like two blocks away but my feet hurt.?I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. ?It’s just right over there. I just don’t want to walk.??How attached are you to that joint there?? I said back to her. Confused she looked down to her hand and realized she had the roach still there alongside her pack of cigarettes.?You want to smoke with me?? she asked.?No, I don’t do that. No longer was I the wimpy fat kid. I was the ripped, angry mini-Hulk who was three years older. I was also a kid that everyone knew was going somewhere. My grades were in the toilet because I simply didn’t care enough to work on them. Weeks went by with her coy flirtations, and for my part I thought that the only way this girl was going to like me was if she saw how nice of a guy I was. I listened, and talked with her, and ignored her petty flirtations as if she was simply being a little cock.
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