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Leila was friendly with her but rarely went out with her, since she was trying hard to reform her bad girl ways. But she could relate and she was more...than willing to share her own slutty past over drinks. But when some guy would hit on them, Delia would go off and fuck and Leila would go to her place and hit the books or watch TV. She didn’t miss those times. Now the shoe was on the other foot. Delia, with Leila’s help and friendship, had reformed herself and married. And Leila was. Taking dead aim at the large dune, she drew the sword back and swung across her chest, sending out a horizontal arc of energy. As the arc made contact with the dune, it did not turn into a concentrated wave as her previous attempt had, but rather sliced the entire pile of sand in half.“Holy crap!” Melody squealed.Laughing, Selena replied, “Attacking in this manner essentially makes the energy you released an extension of your blade. It does still contain properties of water, but will not. “I’m going to clear up down here. And you are going to go to my room. Take your clothes off, all of them, and get into my bed and wait for me. I’ll be up soon to claim my prize.” She nipped at Claire’s neck. “But...you can't, Belle,” Claire protested, “I’m not sure.” “Too fucking late,” Belinda said firmly, “I won fair and square. No backing out now, fuck toy!” Almost in a trance, Claire rose and made her way to the door. Belinda smiled. Xxx The bedroom was dimly lit and the sensuous aroma. " Jeannie got up from her chair and as I handed her the lotion, she did a little spin for me. I got my first glimpse of the back of her suit. It was more tiny than the front with just two strings and a one inch triangle of yellow where they met. Her perfect gymnast's ass was outlined in the yellow strings. The sight of her tiny hard body and the anticipation of being her first female lover quickly had me feeling the familiar ache growing between my legs. I laid face down on my lounge, carefully.
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