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If he'd asked me Ithink I would have gone down and sucked him off right then, but we wereboth still beginners at this and I think we were both rather ...ervousabout where we were going.We kept kissing as I wanked him and he had one hand behind my head andthe other caressing my ass. He didn't try to finger me but kept brushinga finger up my crack which had me whimpering into his mouth each time hedid it. Even though he'd only come about half an hour before it wasn'tlong before I felt his whole. "I looked at her tank top to see the nipples jutting at attention, and I nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, I can see that." I then said, "Truth or Dare?" Truth," she said.I asked, "What is the most orgasms you have had in a single session?"She looked at me quizzically and said, "Uh, just one." So far," I quipped with a grin."So far then," she smiled and asked, "Truth or Dare?" I'll take a dare," I replied.She thought for a moment and said, "I dare you to let me touch your cock."I pulled the. I climb the stairs listening to Cheryl and an unknown female voice in the bedroom.“You look stunning and so slutty in that outfit, sweetie,” Cheryl congratulates the unknown woman who giggles in reply.“You should definitely wear that this evening,” Cheryl adds, then lets out a little cry of pain.I turn the corner into our bedroom to see Cheryl sitting slightly sideways on our bed, right leg up, and her ankle wrapped in an elastic bandage. She wore a light blue, sheer robe, nude underneath the. Even with the situation the only thing in her mind was the fact she wasn’t wearing nice panties and she took a deep breath as she felt the hem of her pants being tugged and her pants lowered to her ankles and then she realised with the removal of her pants how wet she was , she stood there staring at the wall , a stranger knealing in front of her staring at her wet pussy.realising how wet she was at being exposed she felt her breath get heavier , the woman hadn’t moved , she was just staring.
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