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”Cat whirled around, then remembered she was naked, rolled back onto her front, put her hands over her tits, and twisted to face the woman, who was ...tanding just behind her. The woman was naked herself, and holding Cat’s clothes in one hand…~~~It had started innocently enough as Catherine – Cat to her friends – was working at her desk at home, on what certainly seemed to be the most beautiful day of the year. And, of course, it had to be May, the lusty month of May.Unfortunately, Cat had. Ashley sometimes wondered how she managed to pull him.“Not near as sexy as Rhiannon I’d guess.” She responded, quickly regretting it when she realized she sounded jealous.“Babe, you’re way sexier than her, if I knew you felt jealous of her, I wouldn’t have said she could move in.” Jake said, as he kissed her neck, hands rubbing Ashley stomach.“I’m not jealous!” his girlfriend replied, not all that very convincingly.“Ok bub, whatever you say.” He laughed.Sitting down for tea, the three chit. When Pippa and CC finally got to bed – getting on for twenty-three hundred hours – on Saturday, it was really their first opportunity for privacy. They got naked and Pippa lay on top of CC. Anticipation had both of them very ready for penetration, but once there, they barely moved; just lay revelling in the sensations."Pippa ... you kept saying you didn't want commitment. Is that still true?"She kissed him gently as she considered his question. "I think so. Did you want to change? Did you want. She had her eye on a boy who lived in the village. I met him; he was all right but didn’t turn me on. Anyhow, Rose wanted to go to a dance in the village hall. She couldn’t really leave me behind and so reluctantly got her brother to partner me. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a village dance. If you have, you’ll know it’s dead boring. John, Rose’s brother did his best to help things along but even he gave up in the end.“Come on, let’s go home.”I agreed and told Rose what we were going to.
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