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Then a sexy voice said if you can guess the right girl you will get a pleasant surprise. To that I answered Mary she then spun me around and kissed me... Our mouths melted together and our tongues entwined, before I knew what was happening Mary was on her knees and sucking my cock for all she was worth. She then looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, I couldn't take it any longer and I blow my load over her face and tit's I didn't think I would ever stop cumming. Again she looked up at me and. Silence for about a minute, just the sound of Adam’s heart beating fast near my ear. “She’s jealous Jen,” a pause to allow that to sink in, which of course it did not. “Jenny, she kissed me,” a low murmur but I made it out and the hand that I had been stroking Adam’s chest with froze as my whole body tensed. “And what did you do?” I whispered back barely audible. “I resisted…” he said. Some form of relief began to spread until he spoke again. “At first, I resisted at first,” he admitted, shame. “We thought it would help you come to realize what a beautiful soul you have as a husband.” Alexi tried to defend the enemy.“We experienced what you felt on the set today.”“It was love.”“And we wanted to include Gerald…”“So that you would not have to choose…”I turned around to look them in the eye, but then I saw Gerald, now fully clothed, leaving the room with a small bag. Seeing his slumping shoulders in the doorframe, brought tears to my eyes. My throat tightened, I stopped breathing, my. Somehow I managed to built a relation with her.I asked about her self. She said I am divorced and staying with her mom. I thanked myself and started fucking her in my dreams. Like that it goes on…..One night she asked me to cal her I called her but she havenot lift the call I tried 2 times but have not lift the phone.Then I messaged her why shes not answering the call sheet said I kept the phone in vibration and inserted in my pussy. I got very horny and replied I want to fuck you. She said I.
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