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I was soaked in. So I didn’t care to go to my bedroom but slid off my jeans and t-shirt and gave it to my mom for washing from the hall itself and s...arted walking back to my room. I was in awe when saw Anurag coming down the stairs. He was my mom’s student as she gave tuition to some 10th graders. I was desperate to cover myself as much as possible with my petticoat. I acted cool.He saw me and he literally stood with his mouth wide open. I know that I had covered till my upper thighs. But I was. "Sit down," her mom said bluntly. "I have been thinking about all this mess you made and what to do about it. You have been expelled from school over this, and I obviously can't watch you since I have to work. Even when I'm home apparently I can't keep an eye on you. So I have talked to your Aunt Ruth, and we have decided you will go live with her for awhile. Maybe taking you out of such temptations will help you to calm down." "But Mom, I don't want to go live with Aunt Ruth! She lives in that. ..damn she wouldn't be late for to cum....“I'm gonna cum want that" I tug her hair back...whispering in her ear....she's just moaning....God I love it when she moans...makes me want to cum in her now.Look at that round and soft and firm....I look down at her ass....squeezing one cheek....she moans my name...yeah you better say my like that...???I squeeze it harder...ramming her like I never did more...I can't hold it any more...she's too. An angel of death, maybe.’ The woman looked like she owned the world as she got off the back of Danel’s bike. She wore a red vinyl mini-dress which contrasted with her black Chippewa lace up motorcycle boots. A green cape covered her shoulders, and her long claw-like fingernails matched the color of the dress perfectly. Very tall, long black shiny hair, green eyes and a strange beauty mark on her forehead and the face of a devilish angel. Rachael stared and never the one for a loss of words,.
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