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Pointing to a sickly vomit-green colored house, Michelle smiled, ‘There’s my house!’ ‘Say, Michelle, how about you go in while Nick and I will...keep an eye on things out here,’ Matt offered. Michelle nodded and opened the rickety gate, closing it behind her. ‘And could you get some food?’ Nick asked. Matt and Michelle laughed. ‘Sure,’ she answered sweetly. ‘I’ll find something. If the refridgeration isn’t out…’ She unlocked her door and walked in, leaving it open behind her. Matt snickered as he. That's to say that she is destined to achieve great things. "However, I do not know what part she will play. But, I do know your daughter is a very key element in God's overall plan." "And, just how do you know that, Mickey? Or, should I now be calling you Michael?" "Mickey! Michael! Whichever pleases you. It really doesn't make a difference to me... But, getting back to your question, I know that Danielle is a key element in God's master plan due the fact that she rated what you might call,. Lady Gaga burst into song causing a few of us to jump. Another cellphone. Hailey's this time. She jumped from the couch, "That's mine! I'llget it!"I grabbed her arm, "You can't answer that! Mason has to. He's Hailey!"Hailey looked down at the phone and her face dropped. She tossed thephone to Mason, "It's my dad. Answer it." What if I don't want t--," he started."I said answer it dammit!" she shouted. All of us froze. Mason slowlyflipped open the phone and put it to his ear.", daddy?". So when I return stateside I went and visited them. When I got there I met with Linda, she was still sexy like I remember. Our daughter was now seven. I missed so much and resentment for Linda was there. But I wanted to make it work. We started slowly, dating and she introduced me as Chris to Sophia. She was seven so she knew what was going on. Linda thought it would be best if we didn’t just say I’m her father and confuse her, since she already told her that I passed away. I really didn’t care.
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