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When he had made the resolution to spend more time with his mother he hadn’t exactly pictured something like this. “You feel so damn good!”“I�...�m here for you, Jason.” Helen whispered hoarsely, grunting with discomfort at a particularly hard thrust. “Always - I’ll always look out for you. Give you - ah! - what you need.”“Fuck yeah.” Jason groaned. With her grip on her ass-cheeks holding them apart, he almost couldn’t believe how deep he was getting inside her.“Will you cum for me, love?” His. "In my early morning reverie, I feel a stirring, then a major move as the love of my life rolls over and wraps me in his arms, spooning up against me. I suspect that he's mostly awake right now because his face seeks to nestle into the hair on the back of my head.A soft "Mmmmmm" near my ear confirms my suspicion. It's worth a little wiggle of my heinie to see what I can work up. I wiggle gently, slowly, like I'm settling into a comfortable chair.I get a wiggle in return and the hand at the end. The heat radiating from between my legs is driving me wild. We ride for another 20 miles or so and then I stop. I can almost read his mind as to why we need to stop. Sensing the need, I hop off once again and remove my helmet. I lean in to kiss him deep, tasting his tongue, sucking his breath and smelling the exhaust of the machine. I am so totally turned on at this point and knowing that he feel the same. He takes charge of the moment. He gets off the machine, fingers finding my fly. He pulls. After some crackling, I finally found one station that I could listen to. After two days I tired of the contraption and it was put in the shed, never to see the light of day.The point is, I enjoyed the challenge of constructing it, but wasn’t especially interested in using it. My next project was making my own telescope to study the stars. I spent weeks finding the components, working out the effects of the various lenses. All together the project took we many weeks. I only used the completed.
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