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”I just could not understand what uncle wanted to say and looked blankly at him.Uncle suddenly said, “Ratna will you help us?”I did not understa...d what he meant and asked, “Uncle, how can I help you?”Ramesh uncle held my hand and blurted out, “Ratna, I want to fuck you in front of my wife. Then she will teach you the pleasures of woman to woman sex.”I was shocked and I snatched my hand from his grasp and ran from there. But in my heart I was aroused tremendously. Should I go to uncle and aunt. Then she told me to take her to her bed room where her daughter is sleeping. I locked all the doors and came back to bed room where she is sitting in the bed. I went near her taken her into my arms and hugged her tightly and crushed her ass with my hands.After closing all doors I went to her bed room where she is sleeping on the bed…. I switched of all lights except night light and then I went to her and slept beside her and hugged and kissed face neck lips and everywhere simultaneously I. Again she moved her legs apart a bit more and I thought I heard a slight moan from her. This spurred me on to be a bit more adventurous, my hand moved up further and was now gently rubbing against her pussy as I rubbed the cream into her thighs. Again she moved her legs further apart except this time she moved them off the bed so she was lying on the bed but legs hanging off the side. NNow I knew for sure she wanted me to touch her so I moved her bikini bottoms over and started to rub the cream. Cruising at a steady speed, I rested my pussy over the front of the seat. My leggings were soaked through and my lips molded over the front like a saddle. My mind started to wander to a very dirty place. “I wonder if I could fuck my seat,” I thought to myself. What a nasty, slutty thing to think, especially with these balls deep in my cunt. The image made my clit throb harder. Concentrating on the trail, I gripped the handle bars and pressed my pelvis down hard, smashing my clit into the foam.
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