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Under the pretext of being the new neighbor this guy continuously used to visit her home and after spending so much time with him, got eventually seduced by him. They started having this affair whenever they are alone and love being close to each other. This particular afternoon, once they are alone, they get into each others arms and begin to kiss like only two lovers can.

He pushes her against the wall where she slowly lifts up her green saree and blouse and her small, juicy boobs come into focus. She has pointy brown nipples and seeing that lovely sight, the man cannot resist anymore and directly attacks her tits. He starts sucking on them like they are mangoes. He then flicks only her nipples before moving his tongue up and down between her boobs and belly. He then goes down and licks her navel and kisses the surrounding area totally making her feel hot and bothered. He takes out his now throbbing cock and places it on her navel and stomach and presses it against it.

They see the time and realize they will be with people soon and quickly get down to the main act. Still having her saree on, he lifts up the petticoat and drops her panties to her thigh level and puts his dick into her. Having pinned her against the wall, he slams into her over and over again till they are satisfied and have to part ways.

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