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She had to go talk to him. When Mindy went into the basement, she found Kai slowly strumming his guitar. She could tell by the way he played that he w...s conflicted. She could hear his disappointment in himself resonating with every note. She sat on the floor in front of him, and listened as he played his sad, sweet song. She wanted him more with every chord that he played. She began suddenly to grow restless. Kai opened his eyes and looked into hers. “I never meant to hurt either of you, you. I know it was stupid, I read what they would do to mebut I had to take them. You don't understand, if I didn't I would havebecome a hulking beast. My younger brothers are already bigger than medespite being 13 and 14. It was only a matter of time. It took a yearand a half but mom and dad saw me without my shirt and took me to adoctor who told me I was crazy and then told my parents. They beat meand told me I was going to a psychiatrist and if I kept it up I wasgoing to be put into a mental. ” “Well this party just keeps getting better and better lots of rock to smoke and a couple of cum sluts to boot” replied Morgan. “Oh here it comes Steve, get ready oh yes I’m about to blow.” Then boom, Morgan’s cock exploded in my mouth. She blew her load and pulled out and Traci took it in to her mouth and sucked it dry while Carrie came over and sucked the cum out of my mouth she then turned to her mom and spit some into her mouth then Morgan said she wanted to taste some of her cum so Carrie. I was laying naked with my naked bossnestled against me, and his cock inside me.I felt it thickening now and then a slow movement as he pressed it deeperinto me. Again, a slight movement and then the pressure as his cockbegan to fill my insides, still wet and slippery from his ccum bathduringthe night. More movement and then I groaned as he pressed it downdeeper, causing me to shudder and spasm against him, my ass musclessqueezing his thickness.Todd began to kiss at my neck and his hands came.
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