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I hate them and I don’t and I hate myself for assuming the worst when they’re really just lovely people.It’s late. Almost eleven. Saturday night... All the pubs will be open. Nightclubs. Bars. He could be anywhere. I could call him but he won’t answer. I iron some clothes. Put them neatly into the assigned wardrobe places as though he won’t throw them out carelessly while hunting for some elusive item that he must wear immediately.Nothing to do. I could call my sister. Then again, I don’t want to. And then, like the scent of flowers carried on the wind, I found you again.”The witch watches him approach. His slow movements are predatory and she feels a tingle of fear suddenly run through her as he stalks toward her. “What do you want from me?”“I want to feel what I felt before,” he says, stopping in front of her.The witch shivers under the gaze of the man. There is a feral look in them that contrasts with the calm of his voice.See, I knew this guy was trouble with a capital T.Some relief. The weather had been quite nice since he had arrived and everyone was reminding him it was not normally as nice as that this time of year. The car he rented was Mini-Cooper with a roof so low that he just barely fit inside. He was careful to scrunch down in the seat to prevent damage to the top of his head on bumps. With the exception of one near-miss at the outset when he forgot about the reverse side of the street driving, he adapted quickly to the rigors of driving in a country filled with. My hardness was now visible through thin fabric.“Maybe he won’t notice.” I thoughtBut he did, just a few minutes had passed when he turned to me and asked “So, you being too shy or were expecting some help?”Before I could answer, he put his large hand on my dick, massaging it through the pants.“No, I…”I started to get up to leave, with his hand still touching me, but stopped myself at the last moment. It felt too good, I didn’t want it to stop, I wanted him to keep going.“... I don’t know.” I.
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