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. Inspired by your firm grip on my cock, I move my hand between your thighs, which open to me, giving way quietly and easily, opening to my hand so co...fortably because your mind and your feelings are already open to me.In fact, you were ready for my cock to enter your pussy when you came before, your first, intense orgasm of our loving relationship. And in the aftermath, when your pussy was still trembling, and you were having occasional aftershocks, you were open, wanting to be filled, even a. I then slid down her shorts and pants to see the hidden treasure beneath them too. I saw a beautifully formed mound with a gently glistening slit, a hooded clit hinting at more delights within, again pale and enchanting and had me aroused in a raging passion for my beautiful sister.Paula had been busy too, dragging my top and shorts off to reveal the body that had pleasured her so well last night."Oh Dave, you're beautiful," she gasped, not a compliment I'm used to, I admit, but very fitting. Emboldened, I slide my hand very slowly up the inside of your thigh. God, you’re so smooth, so warm, it’s all I can do to appear normal. You’re still talking as if nothing is happening, but I’m sure I feel your legs part slightly, and my heart leaps.A little higher now, and I encounter fabric. Silk? You give a little shiver but cover it quickly with a giggle and a joke. Yes, it’s silk, and I’m thrilled to find that it’s moist. I long to find an edge and slide my fingers underneath and touch. Then Lea went to the real work at hand. She firstlicked all around the opening, then between thewoman’s petals. Lea noticed a hood of flesh thatstuck out at the top of the woman’s opening, and asshe explored under it with the tip of her tongue, shefound a small pea-shaped bud of flesh that grewlarger and harder the more she licked it. Suddenly,she realized it was like the same sensitive nub thatlived in its hiding place between her own legs.Earlier, the woman had found and.
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